Sunday, October 14, 2012

Don't Miss Year End Splash Party!

Coming soon: the Romance Reviews Year End Splash Party, November 15-December 15, 2012.  The Romance Reviews is gearing up once again to make a big splash at its year-end party in November/December! As usual, there will be fun activities geared toward providing readers with tons of information about exciting books available, including my new book "Prisoner in his Arms," just released on The activities will take participants to author websites as they answer a series of questions and answers. Visit my website to answer one of the questions on November 16 for a chance to win! They can also visit featured books and chat with authors and fellow book lovers at the Romance Reviews chat site! Prizes include gift certificates, book giveaways and lots more! Check it out at!  And don't miss "Prisoner in his Arms." Now available on Amazon!
This is the sequel to "The Secret Sentinel" you've been waiting for!

Lexie O'Shea is kidnapped by masked men who give her ten days to find the mysterious Virgo Stone or her father will be killed along with her fiancee and terrorist attacks will be unleashed upon the Capitol during the Presidential inauguration. A sexy masked bodyguard accompanies her on the hunt. But is he only her jailer or something more? And what strange secret does the Virgo Stone possess? They embark on a dangerous journey following a series of cryptic clues as the clock ticks away to a shattering, heart-pounding conclusion. Visit my website for an exciting excerpt! And join us for the Romance Reviews Year-End Splash party on November 16 for a chance to win a free copy!

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