Friday, March 9, 2012

Visit Me on and Read "The Montezuma Secret!"

Thanks to everyone who voted for “The Montezuma Secret” as best romantic suspense for March on I enjoyed ramping up the romantic tension between the two main characters, Erica Kingsley and Trey Zacco, two complete opposites, who find they have only one thing in common—a strong physical attraction to each other. I particularly liked developing the jealousy angle between Erica and Morgana and had the fun of putting hunky Trey in the middle of these two very determined, sexy women! Watch for Trey struggling to control his libido (sometimes unsuccessfully) and laugh at Erica’s exploits in the jungle minus her stiletto heels, trying to survive on smuggled vitamins, hand sanitizer and mini-bottles of Stoli vodka!

Here’s how I came up with the idea for “The Montezuma Secret.” I don’t know if any of you have seen the show ‘Man vs. Wild.’ It’s a show on the Discovery Channel starring Bear Grylls, a former member of the British Special Forces Unit. In the reality show, Bear strands himself in remote locations to demonstrate survival techniques.  I thought what if a survivalist tough guy was stranded in the jungle with a really attractive woman who was his complete opposite, a girly girl glamorous type who hosts a show dealing with all the luxuries in life? I decided the character had to be totally averse to roughing it and a bit spoiled. So that’s how I created Trey Zacco, host of “The Wildman Show” and Erica Kingsley, hostess of “The Lap of Luxury” show, on the fictitious Holiday Channel. Then, to raise the stakes, I thought what if the channel is in financial trouble? To increase ratings, Erica’s father, who owns the channel, suggests a special reality show in which Trey and Erica are thrown together in the jungle and viewers must vote for their favorite (like on American Idol) to determine who they like best. Only one show can survive.

But that wasn’t quite enough. Being a fan of lost treasures, I researched treasures that might be lurking in Central America. I learned Montezuma’s gold has never been found. Legends abound that after Montezuma was killed in the 1500's, the Aztecs took Montezuma's treasure and hid it from the Spaniards. Some believe the treasure was hidden on the outskirts of Mexico City. Other suspected hiding places include Guatemala and even Kanab, Utah! So I decided Trey and Erica would search for Montezuma’s gold to further raise ratings. Since Guatemala was adjacent to Belize, I decided Belize was the perfect setting for “The Montezuma Secret!”

I hope you enjoy Trey and Erica’s story as they struggle to survive and find love, the greatest treasure of all!
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March 1-7: Chapters 1-14
March 8-14: Chapters 15-30
March 15-21: Chapters 31-48
March 22-31: Chapters 49-59

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Romance Reviews Anniversary Party All This Month

Want to be eligible to win the Grand Prize of $100 Gift Certificate and other major prizes? Here’s how.

The Objective!

Match up all the book covers in the Matching Covers Game.  If you complete it, that’s 1 chance. Play and complete the Matching Covers Game everyday, and that will give you maximum of 31 chances to win any of the major prizes. Each player starts the game with 10 clicks (number of times to open the covers).

Get More Clicks (chances)! Each correct Q&A you answer gives you 2 additional clicks. The more Q&A you answer, the more clicks you have to match all the covers. If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. Click on the “Reset” button, and the number of clicks you earned will be restored and you can try again to complete a new Matching Covers Game.  Don't miss out and watch for my question about "The Montezuma Secret," the book of the month, on March 30 in The Romance Reviews contest!