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Welcome Ilona Fridl's Dangerous Times Series!

Now, with the release of Bronze Skies this past July, the Dangerous Times series is complete. I'd like to take a look at all three, which are available online at The Wild Rose Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and many sites that sell ebooks.

The first is Silver Screen Heroes and it takes place in 1920 at a silent movie studio in Hollywood, California. This was my suspense historical. We meet Addy Garcia and Zeke Shafer, who work at Majestic Studio that has been sold to a crime family. Addy gets sucked into the intrigue, because her cousin, Muriel Carter, elopes with the boss' son.


“I’m happy you could come to the party tonight.”
“Thank you for inviting me.”
He maneuvered a turn toward a quiet hallway.
“I want to talk to you about a problem that’s causing
me a lot of trouble. I think you can help me. Seeing
that I gave you a little leverage to advance at the
studio, maybe you can do something for me.”
Addy felt her face burn. What did he want?
Surely he couldn’t be going to make advances toward
her, too. It would be so awkward, with him being
Muriel’s father-in-law, but she would fight him just
as she had Mr. Abrams and John. “What is it?”
“The master ledger for the studio has been
missing for a while.” He tightened his grip on her. “I
think you know where it is.”

The second, Golden North, takes place in 1921 in Juneau, Alaska Territory in a theater/restaurant called Golden North. Addy and Zeke have married and fled the wrath of the crime family to help Zeke's brother, Josh Shafer, restore and operate an old opera house and bar. Muriel follows her cousin north. She is a widow with a small daughter, whom the crime family wants. This is my murder mystery.


Muriel’s heart went out to Josh.
He had put his head in his hands and leaned his
elbows on the desk as Muriel told him what
happened at Millie’s, and now he looked the picture
of despair. He slowly raised his head. “Well, that’s it,
isn’t it? Muriel, I’m sorry you had to come into this.
You seem to have traded one problem for another.”
Muriel caressed his shoulders. “I’m sure Sarah
and Amos can find out what really happened. When
they do, the townspeople will come around.”
“We may not be here by that time.” He
straightened and threw his hands up. “I really
wanted to prove to myself that my father was wrong,
that I could make something of my life. Well―” One
hand slammed down on the ledger.
Muriel’s chest tightened. He could be right
about having to leave. She didn’t want to think it,
but her eyes swam with tears. How could he blame
himself, though? He had worked so hard.
Josh looked at her through the mist in his own
eyes. He stood and took her in a gentle embrace,
then pulled back quickly. “I’m―I didn’t mean to―”
Muriel put her fingers on his lips. “Don’t
apologize.” She drew him toward her again, and they
gazed at each other for a moment before she put her
hand on the back of his neck and kissed him.

The third book, Bronze Skies, takes place in the 1940s in Alaska Territory during World War II. This is the war story. Lt. Tom Shafer is the son of Addy and Zeke, who is in the Army Air Corps. We see the conflict through his eyes and the home front through the eyes of his girl, Pam Wright, who lives in Juneau.


“Will you tell me where Vic Houston is?”
Jake nodded toward an old blue Oldsmobile.
“He’s working under the hood over there.”
“Thanks, Jake.” The smell of gas, grease, and
rubber hit Tom's nose as he made his way to the
Olds. He saw Vic with a wrench, tightening
something in the engine. Tom leaned against the
fender. “Vic, do you have a moment?”
Vic looked surprised, and Tom noticed his
grease-grimed hand clench the wrench tighter.
“What do you want, Shafer?” His voice was rough.
“I didn’t come here to fight you, but before I
leave to go back to base, I have something to say. If I
hear you’ve hurt Pam in any way, I will find you.”
Vic's fingers bunched the dirty cloth that
covered the radiator grill. “I don’t plan to hurt Pam,
but that doesn’t mean I won’t try to date her. And
the big-time flyboy didn’t bring any charges against
me. Are you too chicken?” He spit on the floor by
Tom’s feet.

I want to thank Alison for hosting me today and giving me a chance to celebrate my series. My web site is I'm also on Facebook and Goodreads.

Thanks, Ilona. This sounds like a wonderful series!
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