Monday, July 18, 2011

Welcome 1st Place Prism Contest Winner Kathy Lane!

Those Hunky Heros
Aaah, the Hero. (With a capital H, of course.) Where would a good romance novel be without it’s hunky protagonist? Whether he swoops, swaggers, stomps, or strides into the Heroine’s life, he’s an essential part of every standard romance. We simply can’t do without him.
Heros thrill us with their confident, alpha attitudes. They’re protective and possessive, and we wouldn’t have them any other way. Even a strong, take-charge heroine needs a man who can stand up to her. Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Shahara Dagan in Born of Fire, is a the best bounty hunter in the universe. Stands to reason the man who steals her heart is the most notorious thief alive. And what about Alexis Morgan’s Lusahn q’Arc in Redeemed in Darkness? She can swing a sword better than most warriors in her homeland. No surprise that the powerful Paladin and swordsman extraordinaire, Cullen Finley, is the one to slip past her guard. (Doesn’t hurt one bit that she thinks he looks magnificent with his shirt off.)
Let’s face it, nothing suggests romance like a sexy, half-naked man on the cover of a book. Be he a doctor, lawyer, Indian chief…oh, wait, that’s another list. Actually, the most recent list I’ve seen of popular Hero professions does include doctors, but sadly, no lawyers or Indian chiefs. Cowboys and ranchers made the list. So did bosses. (Definitely not my favorite.) Surgeons, too, though I rather thought they should be lumped in with doctors. Kings and princes (as in Prince Devlin in my first Bloodsworn book), and sheriffs, knights, and, what do you know, bodyguards.
Bracca Cu-Laurian, the Hero of Bloodsworn II: Linked by Blood, is a kind of bodyguard/knight. He’s a Blade, a sword-wielding warrior whose duty it is to protect his Bloodsworn, Lady Avera St. John. Which means he has no time to fall in love. Of course, that doesn’t keep him from feeling desire when he meets Sheren Ni-Annun. Sheren is a young widowed mother who, at first, wants nothing to do with Bracca because, well, for her, he’s in the wrong profession. Her late husband was a Blade, and she’s determined her next husband will lead a safer life. Funny how love doesn’t take a woman’s determination and a man’s devotion to duty into account.
Check out Bloodsworn II: Linked by Blood, and find out how fate and a five-year-old boy bring our Hero and Heroine together. You can purchase Linked by Blood at or from Amazon or Barnes and Noble.
Live, Laugh, Love, and Read Lots of Romance ;)

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Bloodsworn: Bound By Magic - 2011 PRISM 1st Place in Fantasy and BEST FIRST BOOK!!!
And don't forget to check out Bloodsworn II: Linked By Blood now available!!

Thanks, Kathy and Congrats one more time!
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Vonnie Davis said...

Kathy--My Release Day Sister--super post. Heroes, yes we do love them. Isn't it a grand profession: creating men just the way we want them? I'm wishing you great sales.

Caroline Clemmons said...

Congratulations on winning the Prism. I echo Vonnie's comments. We do love hunky heroes. And I love creating them. Of course, I have my own Hero husband to inspire me.

Clover Autrey said...

COngrats on the win. Bloodsworn sounds really good. Gotta love those hunks.

Kathy Lane said...

Thanks Vonnie. I'm looking forward to meeting your hunky hero in Storm's Interlude. From what I've already read, Storm is right up my alpha alley. Happy sales to you, too.

Kathy Lane said...

Thanks, Caroline and Clover. BTW, who's your favorite Hunk when it comes to romance novels?

Mimi Barbour said...

Congratulations on your win, exciting? And your idea of a hero echoes mine. Love them bigger-than-life kinda guys.

AJ Nuest said...

Hi Kathy! Congrats on your Prism win and WOW! Bloodsworn sounds stupendous! Definitely adding it to my TBR pile! Especially since I now know it contains the essential hunky hero!

Lynne Marshall said...

Congratulations, Kathy!

Kathy Lane said...

Thank you, Mimi, AJ, and Lynne. As you know, writing about larger than life heros (and heroines, too) is sure a lot of fun. Writing has always been a passion of mine, and having my Bloodsworn series published is a dream come true. I feel like I need to thank the author of every romance novel I ever read for keeping me inspired. :)